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Funds always needed for these Rescues to keep them safe, healthy, and transition from a terrible existence. Thank you for visiting the cats page. Have a tour and enjoy the cats new home.

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My home is a Life long sanctuary to 37 cats and 4 dogs.

We are a Non-Profit 501 {c} 3 charity.

Every cat and dog was rescued from the streets of Tucson in a either sick state or weakened body, by malnourishment.

We are a 501 {c} 3 Non-Profit Charity. All donations are tax deductible.

My mission started in 2006 with a small number of rescues, abandoned cats and dogs.. At that time I had only 6 cats and during the next few years my number went up to 14.

This last summer of 2013 I was driving by a trailer park and happened to see a couple cat's . I stopped and knocked on a door to offer food to the person who was feeding. I found out that there were about 10-15 cats. As I looked around I saw cats living in horrible conditions. Living under trailers in the fiberglass insulation. Running from coyotes and bird of prey. I knew then and there I had to do something. Most of the cats were being fed by Ron an elder man of 82 years.

My mission was started to save these cats. I also learned that by the new year the trailer park was going to be destroyed. There was no place for these cats to go. Either run into the desert or a wash which are dried river beds were predators run through. They surely would be either killed by predators or hunger. That gave me 7 months to build a home for them and trap them.

I dedicated my life to save them. This became a full time endeavor. I had to build a kids playhouse and a outside attached enclosure for them. My own house is to small for the new colony .I had already 14 inside.

I had no idea how many were friendly or feral. So....the trapping started when the habitat for them was finished. August 2013 I had one friendly boy and it began. I ended up trapping 25 cats from that trailer park. 5 of them ended up in my house as they were friendly and would get along well with my own cats. It took 6 months to get them all, neutered/spayed. I had a mommy with her 2 kittens, which ended up in my home. I spent endless hours waiting for them to go in the traps. Some were trap shy and I had to wait it out. Finally I rescued them all.

My goal now is to attempt to tame the ferals, which are about 15 of them. Some are slowly starting to trust me .A few of the cats had been already fixed so they may have been abandoned and joined the colony. These cats have the right to a life free from both danger and indifference. By rescuing the colony I know they are all friendly to each other and bonded in there ways.

It was so heartwarming over the months to see how each cat welcomed and loved the new-comer back into there fold. So many were lost in this park over the years and I did loose 2 kittens. I was able to save a mother and her 2 kittens, but never saw the remaining 2 again.

The sanctuary was build on my own resources. I have 20 cats inside my home with a large safe backyard for the to play in. They all come inside at night. We have many predators. The outside sanctuary cats have there own home with an outside enclosure . They have in the winter heat and AC in the summer.

The cats are going to remain for there life with me. They will have a home and safety and love. I plan on one day having a hobby farm were they will have much more room and a parcel of land were they will have much more freedom to play.

My goal is to care for these cats and give them a safe home, good food and love.

The desert is a very harsh place for stray cats to live and survive. Save a life one at a time if you can.

Angel and me.

The 3 cats below started my journey of love for cats. 




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