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A Safe Home for the Angels

The alternative for most cats that are strays is...

  • Desert washes and ditches

  • Under trailer park units

  • Around garages and industrial buildings

  • Avoiding packs of coyotes, prey birds, rattlesnakes

  • Looking for food and water in the desert

  • Lucky ones survived from food left out by caring people, but many get lost.

The desert is a very harsh place for animals with little to no food. Cats survive maybe a day or more if domesticated, if feral and in a colony maybe a year.

This is were the cats used to live. Under the trailer. Living in insulation.

Cats house.

My Sanctuary

The ranch house for the colony of cats I rescued.

This is an extension to my own home.

Noble and Hilde. Two love kitty's.

In the process of building it with my handyman. Took about a week to get up.


Enclosure for the Colony Playland

Nice windows inside. 8 of them.


And the main cottage, home for some.

The enclosure for the Cottage 40 x40 feet. After many experiments for low cost and a safe structure I choose this one as it is extremely safe. Chicken wire, Electrical conduit poles, Paint pots and rocks for pole bases, Bird netting to protect from prey birds and to keep out friendly ones from becoming snacks, Snake netting, AND other tricks to keep them safe. Has worked out good for about 5 years. Instructions kit

Kids playhouse. 10 feet by 12 feet and 10 feet high. Has a large loft inside. Windows work and I have one window open that is attached to the outside area for them to play. Tunnel system will be attached from house to my main house.

Kitty enclosure.

Inside the cats house. Looks small but its cozy and large enough for them.

Expanding the sanctuary enclosure. It keeps on getting bigger and bigger. We have a lot of coyotes here so I needed it to be very safe

They seem to like it and no Coyotes !! No predator can get into them to harm them. We have wild pigs called Javelinas and also Bobcats which roam around at night

Tunnel connecting the spare room to the cat enclosure for the colony cats.

Tunnel to spare room.

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