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Shy but friendly. She is a delicate girl who loves to be brushed.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony. Sept 2013.


I am trying to post who came to the sanctuary after being trapped in order. It took months to get them all out of the trailer park. Some were trap shy and some just took longer. Becky went in with no problem. I set the trap and walked around a bit and in she went for the yummy tuna. All they were fed was meow mix. So the yummy smell was very helpful to trap some of the cats.I had seen her walking around the trailer. When I took her to the sanctuary and released her from the trap, she walked around calmly and settled into a bed very quickly. Ate some good food.

I buy Wellness wet and Taste of the Wild dry. She stayed in the enclosure/kids playhouse for a few days. I called my Vet tech friend Becky to come and help me catch her again to take to vet for spaying. It was hard to know when I would catch a kitty and get them fixed without an apt. I then set it up with the vet that I could just bring in a cat when ever I got one. He was kind enough to let me do this. Becky came . We thought Becky the cat was feral. But no , we were able to just pick her up and hold her. I named her after the vet tech, Becky.From that day on I had a great tech who said she would come anytime to help me with meds or catching a feral to go to vet or medicate. Becky took her to her clinic and had her spayed. I went to pick her up. Becky then came into my bathroom in a dog cage to recover for a few days. She did so well and was so relaxed and I think this made her even more tame.

She then joined Felix and Oscar. I had Oscar already at this time as I trapped him the same day as Becky. Why was she tame. Was she a stray who had a home? She was maybe one year old .Or do some just tame when rescued.?

Becky just had some treats. Yummy . She is sweet and I can pick her up and cuddle her. Dec14

Becky looking sweet. Getting friendly and paying attention, enjoying a new life and safety. Likes being petted now lets me pick her up. Progress !!!!


Becky and Heather in Colony Playland . Bird watching. Dec14

Becky recovering from her spay a few days after I trapped this sweet friendly but a bit scared girl. Oh yummy such good food.

Even in this cage in my bathroom she would sprawl out on the soft blankets and roll. She had never felt such comfort and security.

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