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After I had rescued 7 cats already I had to take one into the vet for something. This is about 8 years ago (January 2007). I was at a clinic and at the front desk they had a large dog crate with a very skinny, very bony black and white cat. He looked so sad. His fur was all greasy and matted. He looked like he was just starving to get help. I asked the girls what this cat was doing in a cage. They said he was free, that they were trying to adopt him out but no one wanted him. This is a very busy clinic. he had been in that cage for a couple months . His story was that one of the clinic vet techs was at home and this cat came into her garage. he was about one year old. SO she brought him to the clinic and they neutered him and wanted to make a clinic cat out of him. There were already a couple other cats living in the clinic. But, Benny did not want to be there. He was not friendly with the other cats at all. They did not know were he came from or why he was so skinny and sickly looking. He must have been a stray or who knows.

So , I opened the cage and picked him up and told them I would take him home with me. I could not stand to see this poor little boy in that cage. At the time I did not know that black and white cats were fairly unlikely to be adopted. Just as black cats don't get adopted. They said they would give him a bath for me as he stunk and was very dirty. I just told them that was ok. I just wanted to get out of there. Well , he came home with me and thrived with Opi's love . His fur changed within a short time into a glossy beautiful coat. He started to put weight on. He was a happy boy, but, he was very aggressive to my 3 original cats from Canada. Actually I think he came to me before the 3 from the abandoned house. So I had only him and my 3 original. he would not stop picking and jumping the 3 cats. I was at my wits end. I just did not know at the time about integrating them slowly. I have learned a great deal since then. So I decided I had to give him away to a friend. So that lasted one night. The lady let him out by mistake, and did not tell me. I went there to see how he was adjusting and he was not there. I called her at work and she confessed he got out. I ran everywhere looking for him. No sight of him. I put signs up and went home so sad and feeling guilty. The next day I went back there and searched everywhere. I sat down on her steps and cried. Then I heard a small meow and saw Benny peeking from behind a car . OMG, I ran like heck and picked him up and put him into the car. But silly me , had the window open and he jumped out. Here I go again and chase him at this point...LOL...I get him back in car. He was so cute, he sat in the back seat and I told him I would never ever do that again to him. I would never give him away, ever. he just looked at me as if he knew. Gave him food and of we went home. You know, he never , ever was aggressive again, not even a little bit to the other cats. He somehow knew that was why I gave him away. Amazing how smart they are. But my Barney never forgave him. Over the years Benny tried hard to get them to love him. But all was well from then on. Benny is a beautiful boy. Benny had developed stomatits and has had his teeth removed a few months ago (Sept 2014) and is doing so much better.

Type; Maine Coon.

Benny giving me those beautiful dreamy eyes.

Benny, handsome and healed, Dec14

Benny, Christmas blanket. Dec14

Benny trying to look into the camera. Silly boy. Jan15

Benny after stomatitis surgery ..full teeth extraction. Funding still needed, had to use from food fund, could not wait. November 2014

Benny .. Yes how can I help you? jan15

Mr Benny showing of his pretty coat . Can you see Mommy in the background. 2 to love it. Jan15

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