A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert



She is very shy still. But her eyes are becoming more relaxed around me.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony. (Fall 2013)

Was pretty uneventful. Heather was a kitten about 5 months old. I thought she was Hilde's daughter. She well may have been but Hilde never paid her any attention. Either she was not her daughter or was rejected. Ill never know. Boots was already named by the old man so I kept it at that. She has four white feet. Both are feral .I sat one night waiting for a kitty to go in a trap. I guess they had decided to go as the colony was getting smaller and smaller at the trailer park. I was getting down to the real hard ones to catch soon.  Boots is a very quiet girl and does not mingle very much with the other cats. Heather loves the boys.I brought them home and waited a couple weeks before I had them spayed. They were so scared of me that I wanted them to relax a bit.  I cant remember why but after they were fixed i brought Heather into the bathroom for a day to recover. i think because i knew she was young and would be jumping around to much.    These 2 girls have remained very shy. Esp Heather.    Boots used to be so scared at first that her pupils were full dilated when I was around. Now her eyes are normal and I can touch her a tiny bit. But she does not like it at all. Heather just runs when I am around. Maybe one day they will come to relax. Heather is the little orange girl.

More on Heather Story and Pics

Boots.  Let me give you  a blink.

In the Colony Park zone tunnel to the Special  Colony Room in the House
Boots Heather (Heather is the little orange girl),  and other from Colony early in rescue, in their new Colony Cabin loft.
Boots didn't want to be touched so that's ok. She is such a quiet girl   Dec14
Boots. She was watching me very closely cleaning the litter box's . She is also from the colony of cats I rescued last year. I have been able to pet her a very little at a time. She is slowly coming around. Ferals have never been touched by people and need a lot of patience to tame. I go very slow to build trust. Jan15