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Colony family back together safe and secure in there new home with me.

Hanging out safe in the there enclosure.

Whats around the Sanctuary ... no kidding. Coyotes, Rattle Snakes. Prey Birds, Extreme Heat, No Water .

Tunnel overpass between House Colony Room and The Colony Cabin.

House Colony Room with AC in summer ... they never had it so good !!

Colony Boyz in Da hood ... feelin good at The Sanctuary

Taken in the Tunnel. Nov 2014

Custom Card effect by a special friend and supporter of the Crew. Carol Worth.

Benny holding court with an admirer Opi The House cats backyard.

The Colony Cabin... what a great deal prefab shipped and we assembled. With big enclosure and tunnel to House Colony room.

Aaaahhhh ...

Noble on left and Hilde. These cats are all so bonded. I think they are all related somehow.

Colony Enclosure. Safe with many ledges and places for the Crew.

Boots. Let me give you a blink.

Sunshine, a Basket, ..Safe, and Food just shows up.... aaahhhh!

Rosie was just eyeing some birds , cactus wrens and doing the chattering. Dec14

Little Oliver feral in the Colony. A nice safe and relaxed meal, not like before. Dec14

Emi with sunflower and crystal calling for treats. Dec14

Merry Christmas Lori and Angel Dec 25 2014

and Benny. Ce 25 2014

Ok the Orange tunnel gang . Hilde and Eve . Hilde smelled my finger today . Progress !!!. Dec14

Heather Mystery Girl .. in colony, Has been in hiding for 8 months. Now, perhaps feeling more safe. and got this pic of the the mystery girl. Hope this is a good sign of this beauty coming out and being more comfortable. Dec 14

Yeti and Oscar part of the Orange Tunnel gang. taking in the sites and relaxed. dec14

Peek a boo Emily. Just to lazy to get out of bed tonight for her treats. So I have to bring her her treats to bed. What a life.

Rosie is all curled up tonight next to the fire place. All snug and cozy..Dec14

A few of House crew having some fun in book shelf in the House Playland zone. Safe and secure large fenced area with netting on top to protect from the prey birds.

Some of the House crew out in the back yard .

In House Playland for the Crew ... going vertical.

Bedtime in the House ... Guys could I just have a little room ?

Playland in House cats back yard. Huge Enclosure around and netting on top.. All Home Assembled with some friends.

Hey this is cool !

Evening in the House backyard.

Action happens when "kitty food" time comes.

Inside the Colony Cabin, with loft, cat trees, finished interior, heating for winter nights, safe and no coyotes.

A new home for these deserving survivors of years of stress.

It's all good

Hey there, how you doing?

Brother Max and his sister Emi.

Some of House Crew ... something must be happening ? Dec 2014

Peanut, with that look.. cannot resist. He really pulls at my heart. He is so after me and just wants me all to himself. This was in bed last night. He was on my chest.. Dec14

Lorchen laying claim to my special care package of chocolates from Canada. It has been 15 years since last having a Coffee Crisp.

Coffee Crisp available for a big donation..

Lottie and Peanut holding the top spot in the House Treeland. Dec14

Snowy wanting to kiss Rosie , but she would have none of it

I am so lucky to get this picture in the Colony Tunnel. Look at Noah all curled up against Eve. Lovely sight to see . Dec14

With Gracie Dec 25 2014.

Rudy Gracie Kiss Dec 14

The play of sunlight on saguaros is something special at the end of a December day in Sabino Canyon. Photo by Doug Kreutz, Arizona Daily Star. — with Robin Kelley.

Heather and Becky wanting so bad to catch a bird. I wish I could give them some land and a good fence for them to run around more. But for now they are safe and happy.

Rudy on his new Cat Blanket, fast asleep, ear healing well. Dec14

Mercy w Eve in the Tunnel Dec14

Have a little fountain for the cats outside. Running water encourages cats to drink. Molly and Opi trying it out. Dec14

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