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These 2 make me smile and laugh. Hilde on the right with her cute son Oliver. In the Colony Tunnel to the House Room for the Rascals. They are so close and love each other. Hilde has a cute nose, kinda up and snooty looking.

Feral but getting close to being tame. I can pet Oliver at times, still skittish. I think many from the Trailer Colony are related somehow. Jan 2015. To think they would be wandering the streets alone and look how sweet they are.

Cats on Mats. Benny and Mommy. They love these wonderful mats, generously donated.

Peanut w Red Door in "Watercolor" for fun?

Emily with Tulips. Both beautiful creations. Jan15

Yehti, Noah, and others in the Orange Tunnel Gang. Sep14

Coyote, one of the pack (s) that is around. Not one of the most favourable neighbors around. Cats and dogs are well protected from them by solid fences I built. But the howling they do also gets the dogs howling. Pic taken from the car driving up to Sanctuary. Dec14

Close up of Yeti, I'm in love. He will stare at me forever. One day he will be a lap boy I'm sure. Jan15

Snowy, making claim to new cat toys donated from a very kind friend and gracious supporter. This was a lovely gift from Deb B.. Thank you so much. They are lovely and filled with cat nip. Jan15

Lucy, with new donated dog house, she is so proud of her new nice house. Thank you for kind donation. Jan15

Rudy and Lorchen. Nothing like a kiss with a nice girl. Jan15

Thank you Oker Geel from Funds4Cats for doing such a beautiful drawing of a lovely girl. Lorchen. Jan15

Peek a boo , I see you, Jasper . Sweet almost friendly boy from the trailer park rescue. He is so funny. All the ferals were so active tonight. Playing out in there enclosure. Rolling around and kissing each other, chasing ...made my heart skip beats to see them so happy.

Becky was playing with all her new toys in the spare room and throwing the mousy in the air. No more fear and hiding under that crappy trailer. Good food and secure. Melts my heart to see this. Mercy even has his own stump that I brought from the trailer park. That was his stump . Jan15

Two old friends staying in touch. Becky and Willow (orange). Jan15

The Sanctuary, in desert and hills outside Tucson. A safe place for The Angels. Jan 15.

Peanut w Red Door . He is always ready for his close up. Jan 15

Some neihbors around the Sanctuary

Angel and Opi lounging in bed all day. Jan 15

Max, is there anything that is more pure, innocent, and beautiful.

Jan 15

A few of the Trailer Colony rescues, early in their new home. Pretty scared at first.

Javelinas, pic from the Tucson Wild Animal Rescue. A Wild Pig or Boar type. The adults get fairly big , mid large size dog.

Very rugged and live / survive somehow in the desert. The babies seem to be most at risk from the coyotes. Families come by the Sanctuary from time to time looking for food and water. Of course drives then dogs mental. Quite the racket.

Two Beauties in the Orange Tunnel Gang. Baby Oliver standing and Yehti. Feral colony trailer park rescues. Oliver I can pet now a bit. Yeti is a Polydactly and so very cute. Just look at those eyes. Jan15

Catalina hills with snow and cactus out the front window. Jan15

Sisters Gracie and Lorchen , rescued with Mommy from very bad situation. Now a joy to have them happy and safe

Wow, Got a wonderful picture of Heather today. She has been coming out more . I took this through the tunnel. What a purrrdy girl. Jan15

Ahh, 2 sweet boys. Noble (left) and Willow. Noble is friendly. Having the good life now. All safe and secure. Jan15

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