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Rosie and Lottie on there high perch surveying the goings on. 2 loner girls with very strong spirits. Jan15.

Hey what you doin? Goofball , Benny trying to look in the camera. Silly Boy. Jan15

Emi, Hey it's time for treats !!! What's taking so long. Jan15

To all of us who fight to save a life of an animal. It is a good fight and a good thing.Thank you


"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." 1 Peter 5:7

So dreamy ... Sweet eyed Yehti, in bed. Jan15

Emi, Hey it's time for treats !!! What's taking so long. Jan15

Happy Thanksgiving from the Angels .. Nov2014

Angel enjoying his Kuranda bed. A man from Florida donated 20 of them to the cats. Dec14

Snowy, now time for a roll. Hey what was in that fountain? Jan15

Peanut Purrrfect.!


Feral Colony Outdoor Cat Beds drying out after rain we had. Jan15

Shy Boots, also in the Colony House Room playland. She is a sweetie and so feral. I can almost touch her. Time will heal. Jan15

Emily greeting and comforting Lorchen after Lorchen Stomatitis surgery. Lorchen recovering well. Jan15

Lorchen. This is the real picture Oker Gell sent me all the way from the Netherlands. What a nice surprise. Jan15

Rosie inspecting the new toys donated with great appreciation ... Ummm CatNip? Jan15

Ron, from the Trailer Park, who fed and cared for many of the Colony for years, came to visit with Angel. Jan15

Heidi, Rudy's and Trudy's sister. Having a relaxing day in the House playland garden. Jan15

Colony Ferals Video look at those eyes, they may be feral, but there is something more there, maybe just some time to feel safe. Oct14

Snowy at Fountain. Beautiful Snowy has become the princess here.

From rags to a riches life.


Snowy time for a drink. Jan15

Snowy, lets have more of that stuff in the fountain.

Life has become so good !! Jan15

Colony House Room, with AC in Summer. Connected to Colony Cabin and Enclosure with Tunnel. Today with Hilde alone taking a break on their spare bed. Jan15.

Colony House Room, Cat Tree playland. 2 sweet ferals from the colony at the trailer park.

The top kitty is Oliver and thats Eve below. Happy and safe. Jan15

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