A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert

Crew Collection 4

New Perch set up in the House Playland, using my McGyver skills.  Just another good spot for the crew to hang out and watch.  Safe in the Enclosure. Claimed by Angel in minutes. Jan15.
Montage of my beauty Barney he passed over the Rainbow Bridge Oct 2010.  Such a loss for me as they all are.
Snowy and Rosie contemplating life and snacks. Jan 15
Sisters Gracie and Lorchen finding a nice spot on the New Tree. Feb 15.
Max, Top cat doing the inspection on New Cat Tree outside.  Note Netting on Top, keeps all safe and inside the enclosure. Feb15
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Custom Crew Cards Collection
Sweet Angel with a goodnight blink for all. Feb15
Beautiful Max in his fancy pants pose after a nice brushing. Feb15
Benny and Rosie on the Big Chair in House Zone. Too cute guys. Mar15
Lottie with Tree. Peeking to see who is around to play with. Jan15
New Perch in House Enclosure Playland with Angel . Jan15
Bucky getting his turn for a walk with Ben. Feb15
New Cat Tree location out in House Playland with some inspectors. Set up some of the more shy cats can be outside and still close to the window escape.  Feb 15.
New Cat Bed donation from a kind supporter from China. Thank you. Feb15
New cat house in House Playland.  Benny and Emily discussing who owns the house.  Feb15.
Beautiful February Sunset - Sky, Mountains,  and Cactus - taken from the House Playland garden zone  Feb15
View of the Trailer Colony Enclosure. No Cages, No Coyotes, No Snakes, No Prey Birds.  With lots of love and good food, water, and vet care.  A big safe difference to the Trailer Park. All getting along well and happy. 

Enclosure from Cats On Deck System. Mar15
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A Safe Home
Benny claims new cat house. Did not take long. As Sandy K. on FB noted that Benny is starting a Kissing Boothe, too good !!!  Mar15
Plum tree blooming in House Playland Garden. Mar15