A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert

Crew Collection 5

Emi living the Dream and a nice cat grass snack. Mar15
Molly looking pretty with her baby blue eyes. Feral still after years , but I respect her for it and do not force taming. She plays and has a free life to be herself. Mar15
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Trailer Colony Enclosure Additions in Progress. Mar15

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Evening in the desert outside the safe Sanctuary Enclosures Compound,  Mar15
Example of beautiful Saquaro cactus around the The Sanctuary. And desert flowers. Mar15
Lottie holding court on the red chair. Mar15
Ziggy Dream. Nov 2014.  Sadly passed away from illness April 20 2015.
RIP he was a real trooper that had a very rough start before rescue. Custom Card by Carol W. with great thanks.

Ziggy Pics and Story

Flowers for Ziggy, Oliver, and Bear.  From the Sanctuary desert garden. With sorrow and love. May15
Rainbow Bridge from the New Home Visit Vet that helped with Bear. May 15
Emi Top Cat on outside cat tree in House Playland Enclosure. Feb15

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Benny enjoying a roll in the dirt. Nothing better. In the House Zone Playland Garden Enclosure. Mar15.

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Cactus Bloom Spring in the Garden. Mar15
Handsome boy Peanut. Looking very content lately. Even slept close to Rudy last night. Things are changing around here. Rudy has a girlfriend. Mommy and him share the same bed. Wonders will never cease. Mar15
Emily a great good morning yawn and stretch. Easy and  relaxed in a safe place. Mar15
Video from April 2015 An Easter blessing from the Crew
May 5, 2015.  Oliver has passed over the Rainbow Bridge,
I'm so sorry to say that I found Oliver a couple hours ago , he has passed away in his sleep. He had a nice walk last night and it looks like he had gone to bed and had passed away.

Poor Oliver, he was an old man. Around 14. Gentle giant. Rest in Peace sweet boy.  So sad, but glad he went peacefully.  He had a number of good years here, safe, comfortable ( he loved the AC in the dog house), with food, and with his buddies Bear and Bucky.

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Bear from summer 2013 after a summer shave. Sadly passed on May 16, 2015, From seems like Valley Fever and Lymphoma Cancer which came on in about 2 weeks.  RIP sweet girl. 

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