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Ummm. Angel loves the cat grass I planted. Oat grass grows so fast. May 15

Little Lottie nap time in Garden Zone. May 15

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Mommy feeling better after surgery, or maybe it's just the pain meds. May 15.

Sanctuary Enclosure at night a safe heaven for the Angels. May 15.

Sweet Colony Boys Yeti and Jasper in a cuddle in the Enclosure. May 15

Rosie yummm treats. May 15

A few of the Colony Ferals happy in their safe home lounging. The ferals are all so very loving to each other. Never a fight or a problem . They are a tight bunch. That's Noah and Eve and Mercy in front. Apr 15

Hello from Peanut butter. The Glamour boy. May 15

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Mommy coming home . Tech carried her out to car. She is resting in her bed now. She had 9 resorptive lesions of teeth plus the stomattis in back of throat. She will feel better soon. 

News from Surgery ... She had some Stomatitis in back of throat but not down the throat. Very good.. Thanks everyone who donated and especially Bonnie K and Christine M who made her surgery possible.

Desert Night coming on at the Sanctuary. May 15

Buddies Opi and Benny, such good pals. Out in the House Garden enclosure zone. May 15.

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