A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert



About 4 years ago (2011) my mother had a caregiver who saw Emily around her friends apt building. She had a home if you can call it that. Emily was maybe 7 months old at the time. The people who claimed she was there's never fed her or had any water for her. They let her run around the apt complex and she would run into the friends apt and dash for water and food. She ate like crazy. The caregiver watched this for a week or so. Emily would always come and be so very thirsty and hungry , so she decided to take her away from this situation and brought her home to my mothers place. She had an apt downstairs.  Well Emily finally had a home. The day came where the caregiver was moving out east. She was going to put her in a van and tow her behind the U-Haul. I told her that was illegal and that Emily would not do well like that . I asked her to give me Emily. A day before she moved I picked up Emily and had her spayed and then brought her home. She had a very bad response to the anesthesia. She was hallucinating and freaking out in the carrier. So I let her out into my room for a week to recover and integrate . I had Lottie new also at the time so they both enjoyed each others company. Both were young and played liked crazy in my room.Emily finally had company and was allowed to go anywhere she wanted, even table tops.  Emily is very kitten like and a innocent girl. Very loving . She finally came out of herself a lot when the kittens were brought into the sanctuary. She found her mother instinct and adores the babies. I think she thinks they are hers.

Emily .. nice and relaxed.
Very pretty Emily. She has such muted colors that her pictures are always so nice. Such a little kitten at heart.  Dec14
Emily with Tulips.  Both beautiful creations.  Jan15
Emily Hello there. Feb15
Emily .. lounging and watching the action.
Peek a boo Emily. Just to lazy to get out of bed tonight for her treats. So I have to bring her her treats to bed. What a life.  Dec14
Emily on Christmas blanket. Dec14

Emily saying hello and sniffing Lorchen. after Lorchen surgery.. Sweet Emily. She is a second mother to them. Jan15.

 Lorchen and Gracie when kittens helped Emily come out of her shell.