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Shy but sweet boy.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony.

Felix has always been nervous and remains so. He was one of the first rescues and still so shy.


Felix came in with of Oscar and Becky, during the early trapping sessions and Ron getting used to the process. Felix was taken to the vet, fixed, and all Ok. He joined Oscar and then came Becky next. The process was difficult always waiting at night, praying, stressing, and hoping the we could get more (thinking that maybe there was only 8 at the Trailer Park).

The old man ...Ron felt bad that he was loosing his colony. He would tell me that we had lots of time , to take it slower. I told him I needed this done. He would bring me a cat once in a while in a trap, but I could not understand what was not working. I put mackeral in all 5 traps every day. Would only get one cat a week. I kept telling him not to feed until we had a cat or 2 in a trap. I drove by one night and saw that he put large amounts of food out and some of the traps were closed. He would argue with me all the time, He promised not to feed, then I would go and food would be out again. And the saga continued..

Felix in Colony Cabin, loves to stay covered in the cat house loft . I peeked on him . I usually pet him with the blanket covering him. Lol.

Good close up of FELIX the cat , the wonderful cat. Feral, sweet boy from the trailer park. Seems to be less fearful lately. Did not run from me. But gave me the look. Jan15

I had to take a double take on this cat. i thought it was Jasper. Then I realized it is FELIX. This is the second picture I have of him. he is from the trailer park colony. He is always hiding. So very nice to see him outside and not running from me.

He looks so much like Jasper. Jan15

Felix a beauty close up. Jan15

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