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Gifts, Donations, Food, Sponsorships, Web Store, and Special Programs for Angel and The Crew ... Thank you for your kindness and caring.

A 501 [c] 3, public charity of a small rescue/sanctuary of 37 cats and 2 dogs.

A Non Profit Charity. We are a 501 [c] 3. Tax EIN number is 46-5472667

A cage free, forever home for these cats and dogs / Half way house for some of the Ferals and strays once they become more comfortable with us humans. And to promote awareness of animals in our community that are in need of shelter and food. Promote TNR.

As they would not survive long in the Tucson desert with coyotes, prey birds, and limited water or food.

The Sanctuary, in desert and hills outside Tucson.

A safe place for The Angels.

With Cabins, House zone, Enclosures, Playlands, alot of space, and NO Cages.

More on The Sanctuary A Safe Home

The Story on the Trailer Park Colony Rescue

The Total Crew Index

Some Pics on The Crew and The Facility


DONATE - Food, Medical, Operations of The Sanctuary.

Donate via PAYPAL..

Thank you for your kindness and caring.


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Food and Litter for The Crew .. some of the House crew in picture, a total of 35 cats and 4 dogs are being taken care of in the Sanctuary.

Food from,

NO SHIPPING CHARGES on orders over $50 !!!!.

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