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<< Gracie Dec 2014 ... Looking good. after Stomatitis surgery.

Got Spayed Dec 9 2014. .

Sister of Lorchen. Mommy's kitten

Mommy was brought to me by the man who fed the cats. She had a baby with her. 2 days later we found her other baby. So she nursed the 2 week old babies and all now running free in my home.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony. (Sept Oct 2013)


A few days after I had 4 cats from the trailer park the old man came to my door with Mommy in a box with a baby of about 2 weeks old. We did not even know that she was pregnant. All of a sudden she appears at his trailer steps with a baby. Only one. I went to look everywhere to see if there were anymore babies. Saw nothing. I had gone to the nursery next door, as sometimes the cats would go there and look around. The owner told me he had found 2 dead ones at the back of the nursery. How they had gotten there as being so tiny I will never know. So I had Mommy now with her baby in the bathroom. Set up a dog crate; open door. Made it nice and cozy for her to be able to nurse the baby.

I could pet Mommy but I was very gentle with her and not over bearing. I kept the bathroom door closed. I installed a screen door so she could look out and the house cats could look in. She was a very good mother and took such good care of Gracie. Gracie had a chance now to start her life in peace and safety. Mommy could look out the window and see her few friends in the outside enclosure. She would sit on the window sill sometimes and look out. For a while I contemplated if I should eventually let her rejoin her colony. I would struggle with this for the next few months. I waited to spay Mommy [ I called her Mommy because she was such a good one. ] . The old man , Ron named her Figuro but I had to change that. I kept calling her good Mommy and that kind of stuck with her. Mommy now had a chance to keep her baby safe and I suspect the 2 dead ones may have been hers. Have really no way to know for sure. Lorchens story comes next, as she was to come soon.

Gracie.. as a kitten

Gracie ... Did you call?

Gracie w sister Lorchen, Nothing like family. Jan15

Lorchen w Garcie at Vet. Lorchen brave, Gracie so scared hiding her head. Lorchen for Stomatitis surgery. Gracie in for her Stomatitis check up ... still showing some condition and not cured. Jan15

Gracie and Lorchen as babies at recue

Mommy w. Gracie and Lorchen

Gracie, sweet demure, a loving girl. Healed nicely. Dec14

Gracie as baby. Bright eyed early in rescue still in bathroom holding zone. Oct 2013

Gracie on lap ... does my nose look big in this picture? Yeah I look sleepy or just dreamy? Jan15

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