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HEIDI (Heidi Ho Ho)

Heidi is Rudy's and Trudy's sister. I had already brought Rudy home from the abandoned house where these 3 were left behind. When I got to this house I saw a pretty girl, who I thought was a boy. Heidi was so playful and was playing with me. She would run and chase the leaves and then run and wanted to play with me. SO very happy. I could pet her. I left food that day and came back the next day to rescue her and Trudy. What amazed me about her is that even being left behind and living in trash and left over junk the people left behind , she seemed happy. Such innocence and spunk to live thrilled me. She was a good sister and protected Trudy. When I tricked Trudy and got her in the cage to take home, Heidi was very upset and nervous. She paced and kept crying about her sister in the cage. She actually wanted to get in there with Trudy.

So she was easy. Just picked her up and put her in with her sister. Drove home with them both and Rudy was waiting at the door to greet them. He kissed them right away. Cats are so smart. Im sure Rudy had a sense they were coming. These abandoned and forgotten 3 cats now had a forever home. I could not separate them. For one year they were waiting at this house for there owners to come back. I remember the night I left the 2 girls with food. I looked at them and they were sitting on the porch so quietly looking at me. Broke my heart. I would have taken them right away, but Trudy was a bit difficult. Had to get a sense if I could pick her up. Tuna did the trick the next day. How people could just walk away from these cats or any cat is beyond my understanding. Thank God some kind man fed them for one year.

Heidi Ho Ho out for walk in House Park area. Dec14

Heidi, Rudy's sister, enjoying the afternoon sun on my kitchen table. Jan15

Beauty Heidi in the Sanctuary Garden. Jan 15

Heidi hangin out

Heidi, Trudy's and Rudy's sister. Little rascal like her brother. A beautiful girl . Jan15

Heidi with Benny.

Too bad Heidi gum condition came back. Had to take Heidi to vet yesterday as I felt there was something wrong in her mouth.

Was doing a lot of swallowing and weird mouth movements. She has bad gingivittis infection. Have her on Clindamycin for oral infections. May 21 2015

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