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Very Shy. Getting to relax and letting me pet him at times.

<< Peek a boo, Jasper, I can pet his little feet and he acts like he could care less. He is a semi feral I'm sure.Loves to play with baby Oliver.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (Fall 2013)


As usual I went trapping every night. I would leave the traps and go and check them at about 10 pm. Since the man was at times causing problems I had my sometimes dog walker go and sit there all night to watch. I forgot to mention that Mercy was trapped a few times and the old man let him out each time. Ben would sit and watch . So many coyotes would run through there every night with Javelina herds also.

For a few days no cats were trapped. One night I got a call from Ron the old man that he had a kitty and was on his way. He was so proud to bring them to me. Again here he comes with his truck and Jasper in the back of it uncovered. Terrified. It was around 1 am. I did not bring Jasper in and decided to leave this boy in trap and take him in right away in the am to vet. I had by then made an agreement with my vet that I could bring in any cat at any time without an apt. So I stayed up with jasper . Covered the trap. Of he went to get fixed and snap tested. He was neg for disease. Brought him home that afternoon, and as I let him go he ran to a bed and has been a very happy little boy. He was about 2 years old. Jasper now loves his perches or a box.

All these kitties are fairly young. The oldest is around 5 or six. I was a happy trapper as I was beginning to see the sanctuary starting to fill up. But the hardest ones to trap were coming up.

Jasper enjoying his bed and getting some sun . He is a cutie . In Colony Parkland. Dec 14

Thats my Jasper. Relaxed and mellow.

I often wonder if they get bored?

This is fearless Jasper, one of the colony boys.Just curious guy. He is coming into the kitty house room for food Cat burglar lol very handsome. Dec14

Jasper after a nice roll in the dirt. Apr14

This is Jasper. Also from the trailer park rescue. Jan15

He is pretty friendly, kind of. I can touch him ever so slowly. He is so sweet and gentle.

Jasper in Tunnel ,taking a second look if he should come back for the treats. Dec 14

Look at beautiful Jasper. One of the colony ferals from the trailer park. He is so very close to being tame. He is a beauty. Jan15

There is another Black cat in the Colony, Adam , bigger than Jasper. But VERY feral.The big head .Adam, seems more afraid than aggressive. None of the cats are aggressive or violent. We netted them and none attacked or hissed. WE had to put revolution on them all. Took 2 days. Did 8 cats every day, as not to stress them out .

This is JASPER. He looks so much like FELIX. They could be twins. Does anyone see a difference in them? Maybe the mouth? Jasper is a lot more secure with me and I can pet him a little bit. Jan15

Jasper in a box, relaxing in the Colony House room.

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