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Sister of Gracie . Mommy's kitten

<< Lorchen Dec 2014. Getting big and feeling recovered About 14 months old. Got Spayed Dec 2014. All teeth removed for Stomatitis condition Jan 2015.

Mommy was brought to me by the man who fed the cats. She had a baby with her. 2 days later we found her other baby. So she nursed the 2 week old babies and all now running free in my home.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (Sept Oct 2013)


I had already rescued Mommy and Gracie her baby of about 2 weeks old.

Lorchen .. as a Kitten. Just too cute and playful with sister Gracie and The Crew, drove some nuts!

Lorchen ... Play time Dec 2014

Lorchen ... just coming out for a look in the House Parkland.

Lorchen w sister Gracie, nothing like family.

Lorchen deep in thought , so sweet. Jan15

Lorchen w Garcie at Vet. Lorchen brave, Gracie so scared hiding her head. Lorchen for Stomatitis surgery. Gracie in for her Stomatitis check up ... still showing some condition and not cured. Jan15

Emily saying hello and comforting Lorchen, after Lorchen surgery. Sweet Emily. She is a second mother to them..

Lorchen and Gracie when kittens helped Emily come out of her shell. Jan15

Lorchen with her little tongue out. I guess no teeth to hold it in? Mouth full of stitches. Doing good. Eating a little and on drugs. Lorchens mouth looks a bit sore today. Eating a small amount. Active and alert.

Started her and Gracie on a mix of Raw honey and Slippery Elm once a day. Also 1-TDC. Plus the Interferon Omega. Antibiotics twice a day.Also will look into Curcunin in liq form. Suppse to help also. Im forever giving them something. Got to fix there mouthsJan15

Lorchen, getting better and spunky, wants to play. Good. Jan15

Mommy w. Gracie and Lorchen

Lorchen nap

time .and

so soft.

Dec 2014

Lorchen. .Thank you Oker Geel from Funds4Cats for doing such a beautiful drawing of a lovely girl. Lorchen. Jan15

Lorchen ... birds ? Jan15

Lorchen home and keeping warm by the heater. Very sleepy and drugged with a pain patch. But she did make the rounds and said hi to Gracie .

Gracie is with her every second. Time to heal now. Jan15

Finally started to eat this afternoon. Doing well. Lorchen this am trying to eat with no teeth. She cant really figure it out yet. had to puree it and add tuna juice. Just a touch. Other wise she is playful and happy. Nice drugs....keeping her happy.

Lorchen. This is the real picture Oker Gell sent me all the way from the Netherlands. What a nice surprise. Jan15

Lorchen and Gracie as babies at rescue.

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