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Lottie and her new pal , just casing the joint out.

Pretty Lottie w pretty flowers. dec14

Lottie on her high tower , looking all proud . She sure has turned into a sweet girl. Jan15

Lottie ... well hello sweetie. Nice and safe in the House Park zone.

This was Lottie when I rescued her . She was so thin and hungry . But nice and healthy now

Lottie has a lot of spunk tonight, running around the backyard seeing who she can chase.




Type; Calico

Lottie came to the sanctuary about 3 years ago. My mother had a handyman that I sometimes used, to help out here. He is a homeless man that does odd jobs. One day he called from a park in a bad area of Tucson and said that there was a cat that was very hungry and should not be out in this area. He felt that it was not a cat that could handle being homeless. Well what cat can. But I told him to go and get food and feed her. He called back and said she ate 2 cans of food and almost ate the cans to.She was friendly. He said that she was a little fighter and had chased a dog out of the park. 

The next day he called again and Lottie was still there , so I quickly drove down there and found her in a backyard by the park. I fed her but she would not let me get close to her enough to pick her up. She was very skinny but very sweet. This kitty looked lost and scared. The next day he called again and said he had her and was holding her, to come fast and get her to safety. I drove like a crazy women and got there. He was still holding her. She did not seem to mind that and was happy to go into a carrier. She was half the size that you see in this picture. Well I put her to bed in my room for a few days to integrate her and recover. She had her own little bed and ate and ate and ate. At that time shortly after , I had already brought in Emily. These 2 played like crazy in my room. What a joy to see Lottie safe and happy. She must have been lost , but I searched for anyone who had lost her. Nothing. She put on weight fast . She is a very quiet girl and gets along with everyone. Stays to her self and enjoys the sanctuary. Another life saved. One at a time.

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