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Lucy RIP July 2017 Such a sweet girl

July 2017 ... Sweet Lovely Lucy finally succumbed to the condition which has been plaguing her for many years. Was so sad. Sweet girl from a rough rough start in life, had many years of happiness and caring for us all here at the Sanctuary.

Lucy had been struggling with Degenerative Myelopathy. Her front legs are very weak and cannot move them anymore. I have decided to let her run free today . Her breathing has become harder . This is very hard to decide but she wants to go run over the bridge and be set free from this. Run free my brace girl .

The vet said it was time. The last few days she was very sad looking and unable to move her front arms . Very tired and withdrawn.Heaven has received her home again .

Woke up early the next day. A beautiful cactus flowers popped opened over night.

Thank you all . Lucy is free and with Jesus.

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