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Lucy and the Lads


Rescue; Found wandering by St. Mary's Rd Tucson by Safeway store. Starving and sick, lost alone, dropped, scared, and very young, with ...

A sweet sole loving and protective. Did not really want to rescue dogs, but first had to save, then found only bad prospects for this kind sole. So she became the first dog in the Crew.

The Other Dog Lads;

Bear, Bucky, and Oliver

Rescue; 3 dogs that were dumped at my door. Bear and Bucky and Oliver. Left and forgotten by a "friend" who needed a place to stay for a few days, then just left . Left me no choice, the lads are old, so other options were quite bad for them. 

All good dogs, love doing their jobs. A few issues; getting Lucy fixed before serious issues, and ear problems, rattle snakes, letting the coyotes know who's boss around here, etc..

Rattle snake issue solved now (I Hope) with better screening, and a snake gun! but some scary moments at times.

They are happy, clean, well fed and happy doing their job keeping the sanctuary safe.


About 8 yrs ago when I only had a few cats , I noticed a poor Pitbull wandering frantically in a small shopping mall. She kept looking into store windows like she was looking for someone. I went and got her some food. She was very thin . She ate and ate. I got her into the car ,I needed help as she did not know how to step up into a car. Had to lift her with the help of a man.

(Lucy taking a quiet nap after long day of watching and taking care of us)

I took her to the Humane Society . But, they said they would have to pts as they had so many dogs and seeing her condition they could not get her adopted. I said , well feed her for a couple weeks and she will be fine. I know now because she was a pit they would not be able to get her a home and they were overrun with so many dogs and a lot of pits.

SO I took her to my mothers house and she stayed there until I could build her a backyard. I eventually brought her home. For the summer months I brought her inside the house , with a muzzle. I did find her a home once , but the Dr. returned her the next day.

I used to be so afraid of Pit bullsm, for a while she had the spare room as her room when I was not home. One day I came home and I look she is in her room with Rosie standing next to her I freaked out. I thought how in the world did I leave Rosie in there.I was so happy that Lucy did not hurt her. I realized that Lucy liked cats. Esp Rosie.

So , she has been with me ever since.Very gentle sweet dog

Bucky, Bear, Oliver ... the Lads

Temporary Shelter for the Lads, with nice big pen area.

Lucy in her new Christmas sweater .. not very happy with it, got a little cold. Dec 14

Bear and Bucky..Dog on left is Bear. Also left behind with me. Bear is a sweet girl . I usually shave her down when she has her hair to long

Handyman was building the 3 dogs a nice house for them . In the summer they have a/c

Lucy shortly after I found her . A little to thin

Lucy playing with her fishy toy.

Lucy Nap time

Bucky boy is Bear's good friend. He was also left behind here. I dog sat all 4 of them and the man never came back and refused too. So I kept all 4 of them. Bucky is blind in his r eye. But he sure likes his balls to, better than Bear does. LOL...

Bear has been with the sanctuary now for a few years. She was dumped here with her 3 other friends. One has passed away since. A blind Husky Maggy who has gone now. Bear is very playful and loves balls.

Lucy giving everyone a smile. Much

Thanks to Ortho Dog for your knee brace donation .She was limping and seemed in pain, so I had to get it checked out .. torn knee ligaments, somehow ??? So thankful to Ortho Dog for assistance. Could not let her be in pain !! Jan15

Lucy shares her love with the vet. Jan15

Bear giving me the look. Safe, stable, and lots of love here. She is very good with cats. Loves them and dosn't bother them. I do bring her in from time to time. She gets cuddles every day.She is about 8 years old.Not to sure. Maybe younger.. She is a Australian Shepherd Jan15

May 5, 2015. Oliver has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, I'm so sorry to say that I found Oliver a couple hours ago , he has passed away in his sleep. He had a nice walk last night and it looks like he had gone to bed and had passed away.

Poor Oliver, he was an old man. Around 14. Gentle giant. Rest in Peace sweet boy. So sad, but glad he went peacefully. He had a number of good years here, safe, comfortable ( he loved the AC in the dog house), with food, and with his buddies Bear and Bucky.

Bear Sadly Passed Away May 16 2015. After the gland problem seemed to be solved. Then started having trouble breathing, back to emergency and they found liquid building around the lung and they drained it, then went back again for second round of draining total some 300 ml removed. And they took various tests on blood and on the fluid from the lung. Brought her back and waited for test results. Vets thought she was about 11 years old

Vets thought she was about 11 years old. Had the groomer in and gave her the summer fur shave. Meanwhile brought her to an eye vet about the seeming loss of eyesight. And she started to have some scabs on her forehead. Eye Vet thought symptoms were signs of Valley Fever. Test results showed possible Valley Fever and Lymphoma (Cancer of Lymph glands). Got her going on new drugs in Bathroom recovery room on Thursday, she had a nice sleep and we waited to see what would happen. Friday, went for a little walk, then overnight she had a big poo in the bathroom (what a clean up job !!) and was standing there in the morning. Saturday morning, had a little walk outside, went to meet with friend Bucky. and she wanted to stay outside to her dog house. She seemed to be Ok and went to lay down in her dog house, all was hopeful. Saturday May 16 15, afternoon, large swelling noticed, breathing laboured, and she was just still laying down, was hardly responding, and cried when I tried to move her. In panic called a new House Call vet .... sadly her condition went bad so quickly with the symptoms and test results .. we made decision. Bucky was there with her. Rest In Peace sweet Bear. So sad everything went bad so quickly for this lovely faithful friend . Hope we gave you and your friends a safe and happy home.

Bear Memorial from the Rainbow Bridge Group. May 15,

Bucky with his bone. He now has the AC Dog house and Pen to himself sadly, but he seems ok so far. Still doing his job and protecting the Sanctuary.

hello lucy

Silly Lucy giving everyone a smile today .Dec14

This is Bucky , Oliver's friend . He was also left with me. Owner never came back for his 4 large dogs after I dog sat them. Bucky is a great watch dog . He is blind in one eye. How can someone abandon such a sweet face. Don't know what happened to him to cause this blindness.

This is Oliver . He was about 10 , I think . He was left on my property with 3 of his buddies about 3 years ago . He is a gentle giant .

My Bear got shaved... for the summer heat.

Lovely Lady Lucy.

Bear and Bucky having some sun yesterday. Rained all day today. Very good dogs, but love to protect the sanctuary by barking at any coyote or Javelina. Which usually is half the night.LOL

Lucy, with new donated dog house, she is so proud of her new nice house. Thank you for kind donation. Jan15

Lucy has her knee brace on. Tore her knee ligaments. This will take a long time to heal. Jan15

Lucy's new house is painted. Its a brown color. She can finally be able to spread out and lie comfortable. Had to get some help from friend Ron to get it into the enclosure, that was quite the event for Ron, Me, and Lucy. Still need to put shingles on it. Found a gallon of paint next door, free. people left it behind. PS good view of her nice safe enclosure. And she now loves to lie in the pool when I added blankets in it for the winter. Jan15 Thank you Sarah B. for your donation of this house.

Ben, a local handyman and sometimes homeless, taking some of the lads for a walk. Mar15,

Oliver is also buddies with Bear and Bucky. He is much older and wiser. Very gentle good dog. How anyone can not want these dogs is beyond me. Oliver at the cooling pool.

RIP sweet boy May 5, 2015

Flowers for Oliver, from the Sanctuary desert garden. May 15

Bear still recovering from her abscessed anal glands. Don't want her out until healed. Almost healed.She is on antibiotics. Poor girl. Will have to make sure she is always shaved down and anal glands expressed every 3-6 months. This is a new issue with her. Good thing I was lucky to spot her problem last week. Plus she is getting cataracts and may need eye surgery or meds soon. She is usually out side but I am keeping her in for a few more days. May 9 15

I was lucky to spot her problem last week. Plus she is getting cataracts and may need eye surgery or meds soon. She is usually out side but I am keeping her in for a few more days. May 9 15

Bear with Ball Summer 2014, in front of her house. All seemed good until May 15

Cactus bloom Flowers for Bear. from the Sanctuary Garden. Say hello to Oliver and Ziggy for us.

Bucky Happy to be on his walk. He needs to get fit. I have to give him more attention these days as he just lost his pals, but that is ok he is lovely and smart boy. May 15

Lovely Lucy, too bad suffering from bad hips and a torn knee ligament ACL. Torn ACL from running/jumping / going ballistic in her enclosure as the Javelenas came by.

Poor girl so happy with her job, but a real problem with her legs.

This brace and head collar tried from April 2015, the third try this year with different types of braces. Well this did not last long with Lucy.

She took off the collar ( to stop her from taking off the braces). Both now taken off by her. The braces are falling apart/ taken apart. Such a problem, without a brace, she will not heal. And she cannot walk and becomes an invalid Next try May 22 2015 ... taking to Ortho Pets for custom metal brace, this had better work. at braces Cost around $900.

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