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MAX, Found with sister Emi .

EMI AND MAX. They are sister and brother. there story is the same so will share it . From Rosies's story where I found her there were more cats. Every day I would go and feed them and dress my patients wound. The older lady. I would see Emi laying in front of the house wanting to go into it. She was never allowed. Max would be there too. I would see them together sleeping in the back in bushes. The people did not feed, if they did it was tacos or some fat pieces that would lay there in the sun for days. I used to sneak around and feed and put fresh water out. The lady told me to take them out of her yard. She did not want these cats "hanging" around . So one day I came over with a carrier and trap. Emi was kind of easy. She was sitting at the front door and Ill never forget the look that kitty gave me, she stared at my face and scanned me all the way down in slow motion, right to my feet. I thought , ok , here I go, and was lucky to grab her as she looked away. I held her and noticed that she was pushing her body into me.

I felt that she wanted this. Max was a different. I would have to trap him. I took Emi home. She was maybe one year old. Her mother was a very feral tortie and I was never able to trap her. But I knew the man behind this house would feed them all and give them shelter. So the next day I checked the trap for Max. Nothing. I reset it and put all sorts of branches on it. There was a Mexican helper there living with the old lady and he said that he would help. I kind of sensed he wanted something for it and knew that he would get Max, as Max knew him. I told him I would pay him if he somehow helped get him. It had been 2 days now and I was worried I would not be able to trap Max. I was new at trapping. I saw such beautiful very ferals cats there. Made me very sad. But these young ones had a chance to become tame. Emi was already doing well and tame. Well, I got a call a few hours later that Max was caught. I ran like heck to go get him. Bought the man a bottle of Tequila and a six pack . gave him $40.00 too. Well, I ran home with Max and set him loose in my bedroom. He was so terrified that he was hanging off my drape rods. it took him a few days to relax with his sister to help, I could pet. I started to pick him up and put him in my lap but never forced the issue.

Now Max loves to be held and Emi is the announcer of treat time every night.

<<< Pic Shy and sweet. Close Up Dec 2014.

Max and Emi. Together and safe.

Max Such a pretty boy. Dec14

Max, in his fancy pants pose, after a nice brushing. Feb15.

Max and Emi ... just rescued

Max wanted to say hello to everyone. Jan15

Max with his Tail pondering life, bugs, snacks, .... ? Feb15

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