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The last of the rescues from the Trailer Park Colony. The toughest to trap. Very trap shy. It was a very stressful time, almost a solid week of stake out and various traps tried, with amazing help from a friend and T n R specialist. Could not just leave one behind as they were starting to demolish the trailers. A real tough one. So Mercy became the name.

Now safe and with the Colony gang, and coming around slowly

<<< Now feeling more relaxed in The Colony Park. A Beauty.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (fall 2013)


This was the hardest part of the whole trapping of the cats.I had been trying for weeks to months to catch Mercy. He had been in the trap twice and Ron the old man let him out thinking he belonged to the neighbor. Now he was trap shy. I had all the cats now safe and sound except Mercy. I hired a trapper to come with the cattery if you remember and almost had him, but he got out. Then I hired another trapper to bring a dog trap. We put that under the trailer that he lived under. Put some special bait in it. Nothing. Then I moved it to under the old man porch. I watched daily and he would not go in. I used to pray every night for God to have mercy on this cat and help me catch him. At this time his trailer was still up but being torn down daily bit by bit. I waited and waited.

On morning I get a call from Ron telling me that a bay Javelina was in the trap. SO we had to call the trapper and he came and took it to the wild life rescue for Javelina's. They had to bring it back and wait for the herd to come through there to release it.

I was getting frantic at this point. My nerves were shot and my heart was tired. Now Mercy had no were left but the old mans place.

Rons Trailer in the middle of being torn done, with the wood we put up and that trap. Somewhere in there was the last one .. Mercy

I basically had given up that I would never catch this cat. I became very depressed. One day I went to the store in mid town and low and behold I run into Debbie who I had not seen in years. The chance of running into her was very low. She used to TNR and still does on occasion. She said she would catch Mercy . So she took over. We had 2 weeks left before the old mans trailer would be torn down. I had to pay $200 to the scrappers not to tear it down yet. They gave me 2 weeks.

Debbie brought her own traps and would go and sit from dusk until 2 am or all night. Watching, seeing the behavior of Mercy. He was all alone now , no other cats , no friends, he was frantic. He would hide in the half way torn down trailer. Javelina's and Coyotes would come every night. I would sit with Debbie every night almost from 5 - 8 or so. We watched and waited. A few times when Debbie went home I hired Ben my handyman to come and watch. We had to make sure Mercy was safe and chase off the coyotes. I set boards all around the bottom of the trailer so no animal could get at Mercy.This poor cat was getting very scared looking. One night Debbie chased off coyotes with her car.

Well it was 10 days now of this. Mecy started to go into the trap a few days before but would not go all the way in. He was getting attached to this trap and he had a stump that he used to sit on at the other trailer , which I brought over to the trap to make him feel at home. He sat on that stump and watched Debbie and all the night sounds. In and out of the trap he went. This went on for days. One night we could see he was getting very nervous, Debbie for some reason I cant remember had taken the trap home. All my night lights I had bought to bring some light in the area had been stolen. Ben was sitting there one night and saw that Mercy was frantic that the trap was gone. He circled the area smelling and looking for that trap.

<<< Mercy scared and just after rescue.

We took him home. I set him up in the spare room.I should have put him right with his buddies but for some reason thought we could tame him. He cried every night for his friends. A few days later I cant find him in the room. I saw a little hole at the roof and totally went nuts thinking he had gotten out of the room and was running in the desert now. I called Debbie screaming. We tore the walls down bit by bit. There was an opening at ceiling were hopefully he was. I figured he could be stuck in the wall. By the time we had the wall down there was one piece left to go, and I stuck my hand in and felt the wonderful feeling of fur. He was there. He had gotten into the wall. Well, I got that tunnel together to connect the outside enclosure to the spare room done. He ran out to his buddies and has been happier than anyone. Oh, I also brought his stump, and he sits on that all the time. A little bit of home.n Thank you God and thank you Debbie Cormell.

Mercy , hangin out with buddy in Colony Enclosure playland.

Tried to get a picture of MERCY. He was the one I had a hard time trapping and Debbie and me caught him. Without her I dont think we would have trapped him.I think he is a long haired Siamese or Himalayan. Feral , but getting better.


A few of the Colony Ferals happy in their safe home lounging. The ferals are all so very loving to each other. Never a fight or a problem . They are a tight bunch. That's Noah and Eve and Mercy in front. Apr 15

Mercy in Colony, seems he found a spot . What an exotic. Dec 2014

Mercy behind Eve in the tunnel. Dec 14.

Mercy lounging with his Colony buddies. Apr 15.

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