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Noah - Sadly Passed May 11, 2016

Noah May 11, 2016

Noah May 11, 2016 ... Sadly passed from complications from his FIV. Had seemed to have caused blindness and kidney problems (from test taken) So sad that as a Feral was impossible to treat as he cannot be handled. For the past 2 months he did not seem right. Problems with his eyes and not grooming. With help was able to capture once to get him shaved, then back a few times to figure out what was wrong with his eyes. So sad ... He is greatly missed and will forever now in heaven run free and not be afraid anymore.He will understand it all now as all sweet wild animals will one day.

Video of Noah and Others of the Trailer Gang from Aug 2015 in the heat of the summer

Noah April 2016

Noah April 2016

Noah Ashes and Paw Print May 16

Noah Fall 2013 and after rescue


FALL 2013 >> He has eye allergy's and FIV+. He is healthy and young still. A very fluffy beautiful cat. He is not aggressive so I am not worried that it will spread.

A North Forest Cat

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony. (Fall 2013)

<<< Noah Closeup Dec 2014. In the Colony Park zone.


After I had Adam and Eve already caught and safe I had Mercy left to catch. Very trap shy . At this point all trailers were down except the old man's. He was waiting to the bitter end to move. He had a person who started to strip his trailer down of all metal and copper. SO there was a lot of tearing apart of his trailer starting. Pipes and such. Also helping Ron sort through his stuff and pack. 

I called another trapper at this time because the one I had did not have a dog trap. I could not get Mercy into the big cattery trap. I set all sorts of traps. I would watch Mercy come out from his poor trailer that was coming down very soon. One night I had the drop trap set up and for many night waited. I was so tired that a few times I had my handyman go and sit and wait. Nothing for days. Then one night I was in my car with windows all covered and only a few peep holes to watch.

All of a sudden I see a very large cat go into the drop trap. I had never seen him before. I pull the rope and have him. He did not jump or try to get out. I run to get Ron for help. With this kind of trap it comes with a metal carrier that attaches to the trap and you have to lure the cat into the carrier and close the slot. So Ron gets his fishing pole and pokes Noah to get in the carrier part. Noah was such a good boy and finally went in with out any trouble. He said that he had never seen this cat ever before. i was a bit worried about putting him in with the colony if he was a stranger. Did not want fighting. He was so good in the car. Just a gentle giant.

But I decided I could not leave this cat there all alone. So I took him to the vet the next day. He was neutered and blood tested. He was also combed out of a lot of fur knots. My vet tech was awesome and got handfuls out of old fur. I got a call while they were neutering him that he is FIV+. They gave me the option of PTS. I said no with the encouragement of the vet tech that he could live a good long life. So I decided to give him a chance. I had already a FIV+ Adam. He looks so big that I thought he was a 20lb cat but only weighed in at 15 lbs. All fur.

To my amazement all the colony cats knew him and huddled around him like he was big daddy. Strange that all these years Ron had never seen him. He must have been a real good hider or something. To this day he has been gentle and there has been fighting with the FIV+ cats. They have been healthy and well. I called him Noah because he seems such a giant of a cat and a sweet boy.

Noah Hi cutiee,

Noah .. Santa look a like . Merry Christmas Dec 24, 2014.

Noah Dec14. In the tunnel

Another nice shot of Noah . Such a beautiful boy .Noah was very relaxed today and gave me some nice poses and no hissing .

He kinda reminds me of my version of Santa Claus. All furry and white. Dec14. Noah let me come up to him with a treat in my finger and even smelled the treat. That is huge!!!! No hissing, just a sweet curious look and had a few treats I put in front of his chin, with out any backing away or hissing. Im so delighted in baby steps.

Noah came out of the tunnel and showed me his beautiful pose . I kept talking to him and he seemed to like it . Dec14

Noah and Eve in Tunnel part of the Trailer Gang Family, so nice to see them adapt and be happy.

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