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Very friendly boy. I just love him .Just adorable.

In Colony Zone

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (Fall 2013)


As you may remember Noble was already trapped by the TNR girl and let go. She thought he was a big feral and should not go with the colony.I had my opinions about that and did not want any released or separated from each other. I wanted to save the whole colony. We disagreed on that. Anyway, I never did hear from her again.

So one day again as I set the traps , I waited. I thought I had only 3 left to trap. But I saw a new black one and a orange one still. So I had 4 plus Peanut which I did not know about. It originally was only I thought 10 cats. The old man had his count wrong. So as I sat one night low and behold I get Noble. I jumped and down for joy. I did not care if he was a wild feral as she thought. They all needed to be safe and together, I'm sure they were all related in some way.

Well, I brought the big wild Noble to the the sanctuary. As you remember he was already fixed. He went in and kissed Becky right away. The next day i went into there enclosure and guess who comes and rubs himself on my leg, Noble. He was tame and a love bug. Not in the least feral. Maybe a bit skittish but loves to be petted and purrs so very loud. A lot of times people assume they are feral when they are only scared. Noble is the sweetest boy and so very accepting . He loves his new life and safe home. No more fear or danger of coyotes or people.He loves all his friends and shows them by kissing them all.

At this point in time the old man had been setting traps and still would not listen. I had to go and pull out the carpets he had put in the traps and fix the food. But he tried in his way. He had caught the huge black Tom one night Adam and the trap was not shut all the way, the carpet got wedged so Adam fell out.He argued with me that Adam needed a larger trap that he was to big. I had already contacted a local Pro trapper and he was going to come with a large cattery trap and pull rope to get the remaining trap shy cats. Mercy had also been trapped 2 times and let go by Ron. Now Adam was trap shy.

To think Noble was to be left behind. No way!!!!

Noble ... cleaning up after meal in the Colony Park zone. Dec 2014

Noble the king of the colony relaxing in the sun today looking like a lion that he is . Sweet boy from the colony. I can pet this boy. Dec14

Noble in profile, Sweet Noble.I called him that because he was such a gentle cat and so regal.

Noble w. Willow, buds hanging out in Colony playland enclosure. Dec14

Noble King of the Colony, sunning in the tunnel. Dec15

Noble keeping warm today in his cave. Colony boy, but so sweet. Dec14

Part of the Orange Tunnel gang

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