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Little Oliver relaxed safe and having a good meal in Colony. Dec 14

Hide and baby boy Oliver shortly after rescue. Safe and together. Fall 2013.

These 2 make me smile and laugh. Hilde on the right with her cute son Oliver. In the Colony Tunnel to the House Room for the Rascals. They are so close and love each other. Hilde has a cute nose, kinda up and snooty looking.

Feral but getting close to being tame. I can pet Oliver at times, still skittish. I think many from the Trailer Colony are related somehow. Jan 2015. To think they would be wandering the streets alone and look how sweet they are.

Oliver one of the feral colony boys. He is a baby still. About 2 years old now. Such a cutie. Nice to see hanging out on the Tree in the House Colony Room. Mar15

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