A safe home for these cats from the Tucson Desert

Oliver and Bear -  Sadly Passed May 2015

Oliver and Bear  Part of the The Dog Lads with Bucky
Bear,  Bucky, and Oliver

More Story and Pics of Lucy and the Lads 

Rescue; About 2012 ...  3 dogs that were dumped at my door. Bear and Bucky and Oliver. Left and forgotten by a "friend" who needed a place to stay for a few days, then just left .  Left me no choice, the lads are old, so other options were quite bad for them. 
All good dogs, love doing their jobs.  A few issues;  getting Lucy fixed before serious issues, and ear problems, rattle snakes, letting the coyotes know who's boss around here,  etc..
Rattle snake issue solved now (I Hope) with better screening, and a snake gun!  but some scary moments at times.
They are happy, clean, well fed and happy doing their job keeping the sanctuary safe.

Bucky, Bear, Oliver ... the Lads

This is Oliver . He was about 10 , I think . He was left on my property with  his buddies. He is a gentle giant .
Bear giving me the look.  Safe, stable, and lots of love here. She is very good with cats. Loves them and dosn't bother them. I do bring her in from time to time. She gets cuddles every day.She is about 8 years old.Not to sure. Maybe younger..  She is a Australian Shepherd   Jan15
Bear Sadly Passed Away May 16 2015.  After the gland problem seemed to be solved.  Then started having trouble breathing, back to emergency and they  found liquid building around the lung and they drained it, then went back again for second round of draining total some 300 ml removed.  And they took various tests on blood and on the fluid from the lung.  Brought her back and waited for test results.  Vets thought she was about 11 years old.  Had the groomer in and gave her the summer fur shave. Meanwhile brought her to an eye vet about the seeming loss of eyesight. And she started to have some scabs on her forehead  Eye Vet thought symptoms  were signs of Valley Fever.  Test results showed possible Valley Fever and Lymphoma (Cancer of Lymph glands).  Got her going on new drugs in Bathroom recovery room on Thursday, she had a nice sleep and we waited to see what would happen. Friday, went for a little walk, then overnight she had a big poo in the bathroom (what a clean up job !!) and was standing there in the morning.  Saturday morning, had a little walk outside, went to meet  with friend Bucky. and she wanted to stay outside to her dog house.  She seemed to be Ok and went to lay down in her dog house, all was hopeful.   Saturday  May 16 15,  afternoon,  large swelling noticed, breathing  laboured, and she was just still laying down, was hardly responding, and cried when I tried to move her.   In panic called a new House Call vet ....  sadly her condition went bad so quickly with the symptoms and test results .. we made decision.  Bucky was there with her.   Rest In Peace sweet Bear.  So sad everything went bad so quickly for this lovely faithful friend .  Hope we gave you and your friends a safe and happy home.
Oliver at Temporary Shelter for the Lads, with nice big pen area.
Bear After shaving Aug 2014

May 5, 2015.  Oliver has passed over the Rainbow Bridge,  I'm so sorry to say that I found Oliver a couple hours ago , he has passed away in his sleep. He had a nice walk last night and it looks like he had gone to bed and had passed away.

Poor Oliver, he was an old man. Around 14. Gentle giant. Rest in Peace sweet boy.  So sad, but glad he went peacefully.  He had a number of good years here, safe, comfortable ( he loved the AC in the dog house), with food, and with his buddies Bear and Bucky.

Flowers for Oliver, from the Sanctuary desert garden. May 15
Bear Memorial from the Rainbow Bridge Group. May 15,