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Big boy OPI at around a little over a year old. He was huge. The homeless boy who gave him to me said he was getting to big too carry around. He did really good by Opi. Fed him organic food, and even had a organic flee collar on him.

Type; Mancoon

Rescue; From a kind man who was homeless who could not care care of Opi anymore. It was heartbreaking for me and for him.

To Sponsor, Provide Donations and Food, Shopping, and Gifts to help support Opi and The Crew .. See GIFTS page ... Thank you for your kind support and caring.

Opi came to the sanctuary before it was a sanctuary. I had 3 cats already that have now passed on . I was walking down a street and saw a young man sitting on the street with this pretty cat. I went up to them to pet Opi. His name was Atikas at that time. Opi did not even look at me. I talked for a while to the young man. He told me that he was homeless and that he had found Opi in the outshirts of San Francisco hills. He had come across a mother cat and he litter all dead. He thought maybe a coyote kill, but this little kitten was still alive. He took Opi and traveled the country with him.

He thought maybe a coyote kill, but this little kitten was still alive. He took Opi and traveled the country with him. Opi would sit on his shoulders and on his backpack. He told me that a lot of homeless people had their pets and some had cats too. He sure loved Opi. He fed him the best food, organic . Even had a organic flea collar on him. At this point Opi was 6 mos old. He was a very big boy already. I told him that if he ever found it to hard to travel with him to call me and that I would take him.

3 days later he called and said he had decided to give him to me as he was getting to hard to carry around. They used to sleep outside in sleeping bags together. He would have Opi on a leash. I drove to were we were to meet and took Opi from him. This young man cried so many tears , it broke my heart, but he knew that he had to give this cat a home. As Opi and I drove home, he was on my lap looking up at me and reached up his paw and touched my face. So sweet. For many months after this the young man would come and visit Opi . Until one day he said, that all was well and he had let Opi go in his heat now. He knew that Opi would have a good life. Opi is a gentle giant full of love and gentleness. 20 lbs of love.

This was Opi if you can believe it at about 1 yr old. Big boy

OPI looking regal . Dec2014

Opi, nap time in the afternoon. Dec 14.

Opi hiding in a tree perch in the House Parkland

Opi cuddles with Peanut

Opi with Rock


Opi .. not so regal. Really bells ??

opi 1 yr old now 9.jpg

Opi on look out

Opi and Benny do everything together. These 2 boys are very close.

Opi Benny snoozing. Old

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