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Oscar - Sadly Passed on Dec. 7 , 2016

Dec. 7, 2016 - I am so sorry to say this. The vet after tests and his condition; hind leg, fast breathing, and fluid in lung, the determined Oscar was in heart failure. He had thrown a clot that's why he could not move his hind leg. I am totally in shock as I write this. I had to make the most difficult decision . I sent him home to heaven. It was a long hard decision to make after talking with vet for about a hour. I am in shock. Even if he had pulled through the emergency treatment of drugs and oxygen, as he was still feral, any ongoing treatments needed of regular drugs would have been impossible and would have caused him such stress, plus the chance of lasting more than a few months was very low. So sad. When he was a vet and sedated, I was to finally able to pet and hold the lovely. I always second guess myself but think I did the right thing by this sweet boy. Thanks to all on Facebook that sent their prayers, it really helped. Yesterday, I noticed that he was still in his bed and did not run from me at dinner time. He was breathing very fast. I decided to get him to stand up but he looked odd. I went to get carrier and he was dragging his hind foot/leg . I'm was so nervous. I was so afraid to grab him but just put a towel over him and get him in carrier. Immediately brought him to the vet, he was sedated and we waited for the results. Some pics and Rescue story below, in memory. God speed Oscar

He came here 3 years ago from a trailer park and I brought along the rest of his 24 friends. He was the second to come here with Becky. I will always remember him as a quiet sweet boy. Always so proud and strong. One of the alpha boys Im sure. He always had that sad look to him. I just adored him. 

sure. He always had that sad look to him. I just adored him.

I dont really know what happened. One day he was fine and last evening he was breathing somewhat fast and dragging a hind leg. He seemed very tired. The vet at the ER clinic took x-rays and found no broken bones. Found some fluid in lungs. She suspected Heart Failure. I could have kept him there for 2 days on oxygen and wait until the clot dissolves. But, she said that his chances of recovery were not good. If he would , then it would take weeks for his legs to come back and he would have to been medicines for his heart.

I would have paid anything to help him. She said that most of the cats who have this can recover only to come back in a few months with another clot thrown. I could not see myself giving him medicine everyday, which would have meant chasing him down and causing him daily fear. So, the outcome with his problem was bleak.

I will miss this gentle boy. God speed Oscar and say hello to Noah and Ziggy today. I wonder what they are doing?

Thank you all for your kind words of comfort. I read most of the posts....will read them all when I feel a little better. Thank you again for the love .


Run free and safe buddy.

Oscar and the crew sunning in their safe back yard.

Facebook posts and videos of Oscar and others from the Colony

Having a nice nap

Hey there sweetie.

A desert flower for Oscar, just

OSCAR. Rescue Story

A Beautiful happy boy, but shy. Became a member of the Orange Tunnel Crew. Oscar, one of the Colony rescues. He is shy but one day I cannot wait to be allowed to pet him.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony. Fall 2013


I had Oscar already trapped with Becky on the same day. Oscar a beautiful orange boy.These 2 were easy to trap. I was to learn later that the old man who was feeding the cats was sabotaging the trapping of the rest of the cats. But I did not know this until later , maybe a month or so .I would set traps after this and leave because the old man would be there and he agreed to watch and bring me the cats once they were in. I bought about 5 traps and would set them every day.

I used to drive there every day and see all the cats.

 I remember seeing Oscar everyday at his lookout . He would sit on the steps on the back side of the trailer looking towards the busy road. He was always there. He looked like he was watching everything. Very self confident and regal. There is not much to tell about his catch but that he came to the sanctuary , I had him neutered and he was right at home with Becky and Felix. Feral but gives me sweet looks and blinks.

The old man ...Ron felt bad that he was loosing his colony. He would tell me that we had lots of time , to take it slower. I told him I needed this done. He would bring me a cat once in a while in a trap, but I could not understand what was not working. I put mackeral in all 5 traps every day. Would only get one cat a week. I kept telling him not to feed until we had a cat or 2 in a trap. I drove by one night and saw that he put large amounts of food out and some of the traps were closed. He would argue with me all the time, He promised not to feed, then I would go and food would be out again. Will continue this saga tomorrow.

Oscar (front) w. friend Eve in Colony. Dec 14

Oscar (front), Oliver, and Hilde ... the orange gang. A family back together and safe in Colony Park zone.

Oscar with Yehti, in the Tunnel relaxing Dec14

Oscar, part of the Orange Tunnel gang. 

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