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He is a friendly boy who was already neutered 7 years ago. He was dumped into the trailer park. He is the sweetest kitty. He is inside my home.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony. (Fall 2013)

<<< Peanut . Umm good food . .In Cat Treeland. Dec 2014


Well I was still trying to get Mercy at this time. Only Ron's trailer left. There was a girl who became homeless and hung around the deserted trailer park . She used to live at the back end of it with a pile of cats also. She asked me if I had caught Peanut yet. I had never seen the one she described. A day or so later she said Peanut had come by after not seeing him for a few months and slept with her outside in the wash area. She had found him 7 years ago as a one yr old cat in a carrier dumped up the street . He was dumped at a McDonalds , in the bushes. Someone had put food and water and left him there. She took him and he lived in the trailer park for 7 years. He would leave for months and come back.

A few days later while I was sitting for hours waiting for Mercy to go in the trap , she walks through the field and with Peanut at her side. I quickly get my carrier out of the car and give it to her . She put him in it and thank goodness he was safe now. I took him to vet the next am . He had a micro chip . The vet was not sure if he was a boy or girl. Can you believe it. He had to sedate him and push back there and low and behold he was a boy. I took the micro chip number.. The vet called the person said he did not dump the cat that he had run away. Asked if he wanted him back, he said no.

Well he was fixed already . Brought this pretty boy home and he has been here now from Fall 2013.

Early 2014, I did discover that he had stomattis severe. He had all his teeth removed cost $3500. He did have some ulcers for some time but by late 2014 was starting to show good signs. Started to yawn better and no pain it seems better April 2015.

The sweetest boy. When I was almost finished saving the cats at the trailer park , he swaggered along and happily came home to the sanctuary. I was so lucky he came by that day. I would have missed him. he went to and from the park. He is a loner boy. And the Glamour boy on Facebook.

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Peanut is sponsored monthly by Shona L. in the UK. Peanut was the second from last rescue from the trailer park colony. He was very friendly and all I had to do was pick this sweetheart up and take him home.

Peanut .... Really is this supposed to be funny?

Peanut ... Master of his domain.

Peanut, sends kisses to his girlfriends. Dec14

Peanut ... another glamour pic. Jan15

April 2015 This was Peanut learning how to yawn after his surgery for stomatitis (early 2014). The baby girls (Gracie Lorchen) are doing this now. Kitties with this disease cannot yawn as it causes pain. Peanut can yawn now and loves to do so. No more pain and no more ulcers in throat.Its a beautiful sight

Peanut and Lottie on House Cat Tree perches.

Lottie ... hey did you see that?

Peanut, a beauty.

Dec 2014

I know this looks like a nothing picture , but it is amazing sight . Peanut has had no friend since he came here. He has been scared of everyone . But out of the blue , Opi is lying next to him and Peanut likes it. So good to see . Opi is a good cat. Dec14

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