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Barney, started my love for cats. He was rescued from a barn at 2 weeks old. He lived to 18. He was a gentle boy. Passed in Tucson.

Jaytel. My first kitty. He was an amazing boy who loved to play all day long. He lived a happy long life and passed gently at age 18. In Tucson

Emily. Such a beautiful girl. She adored Jaytel. She lived for 18.5 years. Passed in Tucson

Ziggy ... April 20, 2015 RIP With great sorrow and love I let Ziggy go to heaven tonight. They had given him a very mild anesthesia to pull fluid , but he was was not coming out of it normal. He was very weak and could barely move or focus. The vet felt he would not last the night. Tests showed jaundice, going septic, enlarged organs, blood infection, FIP?, etc.. and instead of getting better rapidly getting worse in 2 days at the vet. Still not sure what was wrong. Maybe he was generally weak or still sick from his rough barely survived beginnings before rescue.

May 5, 2015. Oliver has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, I'm so sorry to say that I found Oliver a couple hours ago , he has passed away in his sleep. He had a nice walk last night and it looks like he had gone to bed and had passed away. 

Poor Oliver, he was an old man. Around 14. Gentle giant. Rest in Peace sweet boy. So sad, but glad he went peacefully. He had a number of good years here, safe, comfortable ( he loved the AC in the dog house), with food, and with his buddies Bear and Bucky.

Bear Sadly Passed Away May 16 2015. After the gland problem seemed to be solved. Then started having trouble breathing, back to emergency and they found liquid building around the lung and they drained it, then went back again for second round of draining total some 300 ml removed.

And they took various tests on blood and on the fluid from the lung. Brought her back and waited for test results. Vets thought she was about 11 years old. ... sadly her condition went bad so quickly with the symptoms and test results ... Such a lovely So Sad/

Noah May 11, 2016 ... Sadly passed from complications from his FIV. Had seemed to have caused blindness and kidney problems (from test taken) So sad that as a Feral was impossible to treat as he cannot be handled. For the past 2 months he did not seem right. Problems with his eyes and not grooming. With help was able to capture once to get him shaved, then back a few times to figure out what was wrong with his eyes. So sad ... He is greatly missed and will forever now in heaven run free and not be afraid anymore.He will understand it all now as all sweet wild animals will one day.

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