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My Alpha female. She is the dearest to my heart.

This is ROSIE. I saved her a few years ago from a womens backyard along with Max and Emi and Molly and Talia. She was starving. SO very thin and almost dead. I brought her home and she could not walk for 2 weeks. Then she became this beauty.


About 5 years ago (January 2010 or so) I was doing home health and travel all over the city visiting my patients as a nurse. I had a lady who I saw every day. In her back yard were many cats that came and went. Usually came and stayed. I found out later that behind her house was an old man who fed maybe 20 cats and they stayed by his house. I would come and feed these cats at her house. No one fed them, so I did. Gave them water and food. The lady and her house help did not like me to so I hid it But there were a few that stayed in her backyard. One day I sat in her backyard and up walks this extremely skinny kitty. Quick note , I did get 6 cats from there to The Sanctuary.

I eventually set traps in the backyard. But Rosie came from behind a shed and was meowing very loudly at me. She was in a frantic state. I thought she may be semi feral and scruffed her . I had a cage but couldn't get it open. I ran to the front of the house and waved a passerby down to come and help me. He did not speak english and I'm sure he thought I was nuts. I kept holding Rosie at arms length so as not to get scratched. Little did I know she was the sweetest gentlest cat. He could not get the cage open so I just took her in my arms and put her in the car . I realized then that she was very weak. I put her on the seat and she never moved until I got her home. Oh, I did stop at the vets quick to get a snap test. To see if she was healthy. her paws were all broken open. The vet said she had been on the road for a while. The heat and rocks had hurt her little feet. He said with food and rest she would be fine. She was so thin I thought she was some sort of exotic cat. All head and no body. I made her a bed and gave her food and water. She stayed in what ever bed or place I put her. When I petted her she would fall over. She slept and ate for 2 weeks. I think because of taking care of her like a little baby , she bonded very close to me. In 2 weeks time she filled out and became stronger. I feel that she was close to death when I found her. She has become a lovely , strong willed kitty. Very alpha like.She and Rudy are the greeters . When anyone comes over to the sanctuary they come and greet . I called her in the beginning Rose bud as I knew she would bloom into a beautiful Rose.

Rosie ... making sure they all stay in line.

Special Rosie

Rosie ... who me ? I ain't doin nothin ! Jan15

Rosie, just too cute. Jan 15.


Hello Rosie. dec14

Rosie, who me, what again ?? I didn't do anything really !! Jan15

Rosie treats ... yummmm. May 15

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