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Rudy with a beautiful bronze, both elegant.

Rescue; I used to work at a psych hospital here in Tucson, about 7 years ago.One evening on my way home I stopped off at a convenience store. This was around 7 in the evening. I walked up to the store and see Rudy standing in front to 2 older men who were sitting in front of the store. A lady walked out with a can of food for Rudy. I felt so bad for him. He was eating the food, and I and the lady were talking about taking him. I told her I would. I got a box from the store people and picked him up and put him into the box. He was so relaxed and did not fight me. So, off we go. In the car he gets out of the box and I'm like freaking out, thinking , oh no , he will get scared now. I look behind me and Rudy is all stretched out in the back seat, like he is the king of the car. All relaxed and so confident,like he was on a joy ride. I get home and think , how am I going to get him in the house. 

Well, I scruf him and make it to the door and get in the house. He is so happy and confident. He walks all around and says hello to Opi and my 3 other cats. No problem. He made himself at home within seconds. Never was a problem with integrating. Little do I know that he has 2 sisters still left behind. He was left behind by people that moved.

Sisters are . Heidi and Trudy

Rudy and buddy Emi

Rudy, posing. Bad ear from the beginning, poor guy, but Ok. Dec14

Rudy sound asleep. So cute when they are curled up like this. Ear is all healed up from his boo boo. 

On his new cat blanket.

He is a old timer here. Have had him about 7 years now with his 2 sisters.

Rudy, lounging in the House Garden. The good life for him and the others they deserve it. Jan`15

Rudy and Lottie ... ah good time for a nap and no coyotes to watch for.

Rudy, man of mystery with wise eyes. Dec 14

Rudy with CatNip ... what a life, a far cry from hanging out at variety store waiting for hand outs.

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