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Tahlia ... relaxing


She was so happy to get help that she ran into the trap. She sleeps with me every night. She is in my home.

Lives in House zone

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (Fall 2013)


At this point I was still trying to trap Mercy.All the trailers were down except Rons. Mercy now had lost her home living under the trailer insulation.

One afternoon I was talking to the lady who managed the trailer park and she asked me if I had trapped a white cat. I told her that I had never seen one .I had been trapping the cats now for 6 months and had never seen Snowy. There had been another feeder and he had moved by now.He had been gone already about a month. I was concerned now and worried that this cat had wandered off somewhere.

I set the traps for Mercy and went to the Nursery next door. They have Bags of cat food and was going to buy a bag. The owner of this small nursery that is right next to the trailer park said there is a white cat screaming and had been on the roof for 4 days now. The nursery owners are very nice and have there own cat that lives there. He told me in the past that many of the cats from the trailer park would come there at night and roam around. He also had just found 2 dead kittens, how these kittens go into there nursery is a mystery. So , when I saw Snowy, she was on the ground running around crying. Just frantic and meowing. I tried to pick her up and put her in a carrier I had in my car. She would just not come to me, was so very nervous. The owner said she did not want to eat just was so very nervous and crying non stop.

I went back home to get the trap and see if I could get her. I set the trap and she would not go in. Just kept pacing and running under the plants. So I moved the trap to a area away from the people . I put it beside the pond. She followed me there . I left and walked about 20 feet away and I hear the click of the trap. She had run into it. Not for food but to get help. That is the only thing I can think off. She did not want food but safety. She must have known I came to get her. I was so surprised how fast she ran into it. I took her home . I had her snap tested and checked. She was already fixed and healthy. She was not ear tipped so she must have belonged to someone at sometime in her life. She is estimated at 5 years old.

I had rescued a gem of a girl. She has been so happy at right at home from the moment she came here. Very gentle and quiet kitty.

Does not want to mingle with anyone. Likes to be alone. Not much interest in going outside. I guess she had enough out time.

<< This picture is a couple days after bringing her here.

Snowy's Home !!!!!

Snowy ... lunch?

Princess Snowy in her queens bed. Such a lovely girl and I am so grateful to have found her. Jan15

Snowy, Life is good now. Time for fun and frolic. Jan15

Snowy, so happy and grateful in her new safe home with friends. Jan15

Scary Snowy ...before rescue.

Snowy .. Thank you

Snowy .. Dec 2014

Snowy bright and shiny fur, a year after rescue. Healthy and happy.

Curious Snowy. What a beauty. Mar15

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