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Special needs cats at the sanctuary. Please donate to the fund . For the ones who have had Stomatitis and the ones still needing surgery for this disease.

About Stomatitis - a terrible condition for our friends

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Lorchen, the most recent victim, of Stomatits at The Sanctuary. And needed the Full Teeth extraction $3500 (Jan2015).

Others have been;

- Gracie

- Benny

- Peanut

Dr.Becker discusses what Stomatitis is in relation to cats. She has worked with Dr. Mercola in the past.

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Ziggy early in rescue, Fall 2013, the first with Stomatitis, and my first experience. It was awful as he cried and was too scared to eat. Until finally figured out the problem after trying, researching, and talking to vets so many things, and had the full teeth extraction at $3500. !! Had to be done or he would have slowly perished.

Special Medical Programs

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Stomatitis surgery and treatments

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Mommy Stomatitis Surgery May 2015



Mommy was rescued from a trailer park with 24 other cats. She had 2 kittens. Her babies developed stomatitis right from birth. There gums were inflamed already by a couple months old. When Mommy was spayed a yr and a half ago the vet saw a red spot in her throat . I have been so watchful of her since then. So far I thought she would be safe from this disease. But about in March2015 I noticed her starting to not come outside and play like she used to.

Lorchen and Gracie as Kittens after rescue with Mommy from a very bad situation. Lorchen who was 2 weeks old when I rescued her . Her mother Mommy and her sister Gracie. I had found Mommy and Gracie 2 days earlier. At 2 am Lorchen was found in the trailer park all alone at 2 weeks old. Both her and her sister have severe Stomatittis. Gracie has had her teeth removed a few months ago. She was the worst case the Dental surgeon had ever seen in 20 years in a kitten. Lorchen is also very bad. She had surgery Jan 22 2014. With out my saving these cats from the trailer park they would be either dead or wandering the streets in severe pain from this disease. The cost of this is $3,500.00. With out it she will be in severe pain and may eventually stop eating and die.

April 2015 This was Peanut learning how to yawn after his surgery for stomatitis (early 2014). The baby girls (Gracie Lorchen) are doing this now. Kitties with this disease cannot yawn as it causes pain. Peanut can yawn now and loves to do so. No more pain and no more ulcers in throat.Its a beautiful sight

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