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Tabby, in Colony Cabin Loft. Shy but sweet and puurrs when petted. Dec 14

Tabby in Colony Enclosure playland with some buddies checking out the action Dec14.

Good morning from Tabby. He allows me to give him a chin scratch. Colony boy and not so feral. He is the one who had baby teeth that were loose and had to be pulled out 2 weeks ago. Very odd for a 2 plus yr old to have baby teeth still. Mar15

Tabby, shy, early in rescue.

Got a nice pic of Tabby . Though it is the usual place he hangs out , in the loft . But I can pet and brush him . But this look remains .Dec14

Tabby was a bit scared today that i was taking him again to a vet. Poor guy. Jan 15



Very shy.

Was brushing Tabby a feral in the colony. This is how he is even when I brush him . He purrs but is still shy. Dec14


Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony (Fall 2013)


At first i called him Tab Hunter, but changed it as I kept calling him Tabby boy out at the trailer park . At this point in my attempt to save these cats it was becoming more difficult as I mentioned before the old man was sabotaging the traps. In the following stories he would bring me the cats in traps . it seemed he wanted to be the one to feel good about doing a part in this. He would cut carpets up and put them in the traps. Well one night at 11 pm he called and said he had a cat in the trap. He comes and brings me Tabby. I was upset because he did not have the trap covered and had the cat in the back of the truck. Not inside the truck covered. This poor cat was in terror. I begged him that in the future to please cover the trap at least. poor cat had to go through ride on a very bumpy road to get to me. 

By the time I saw Tabby his eyes were in such a fright. I decided to get him out of the trap and get him fixed at another time. He was just to scared. I put him in the kids playhouse (Colony Cabin) and he ran like heck to the loft and joined his other buddies. I used to see him at the trailer park a lot. He was one that did not really run from me and would sit around and watch me. I thought he may be a girl as he was so pretty. When it came time to fix him I called my vet tech and she just picked him up by her hands with a towel. He was not aggressive but just scared. At present he can be touched and brushed. He seems to like it and purrs. I continue to work on the ferals and have high hopes they will all relax in time in there own way. You can see he still loves to curl up in the loft. Looks afraid when I come to him. But loves his face and chin petted.

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