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Trudy ... well hello there

Pretty Trudy. Nov14

Trudy ... enjoying treeland in the house

Trudy , Rudy's sister . Sweet tabby girl. She is shy but loves her brushing.



Sister of Rudy and Heide

A couple of days after I had brought Rudy home I went back to that Variety store. I saw that on the corner lot there was a plumbing company and saw a man. I can't remember why but I told him that I took Rudy home. He told me he had wondered what happened to him.He had been feeding him for 1 year. He said that there were 2 more at the house. The house was right next to the plumbers. He said that people had moved and that they left 3 kittens behind and he felt bad and fed them every morning. These poor cats were so lucky that they were being fed. They stayed at this house living outside and on the porch, waiting for help or for there owners to come back.

I walked up and around the property and saw 2 pretty long haired cats. I fed them some tuna and left. I came back the next day and saw a cage on the porch and thought this is perfect and lured them to my tuna . I could see Trudy was a bit more shy than the other one and when she came close scruffed her gently and put her in the cage.At this time the other one was eager and anxious about seeing her sister in the cage and was easy to pick her up and put her in also. Well I was so happy to get them home .

Rudy ran right up to them and gave them a big kiss. Trudy was a bit shy at first and hid behind the washing machine for a few days. But it did not take her long to come out and join the family she had. She has been a loving but little skittish girl. It took a few years to be able to pet her, but very easy when she see's the brushing time and joins in.I was able to start petting her like that. She remains in the sanctuary now and is happy.

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