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Close up of Yeti, I'm in love. He will stare at me forever. One day he will be a lap boy I'm sure. Jan15

Yehti with buddy Oliver, in the Colony playland. Dec14

Sweet Yeti a few minutes ago giving me sweet eyes. Thats his bed. He can look down the tunnel.. Jan15



My 6 toed kitty. He was very shy and still is , but he is getting more relaxed with me. Feral but coming around a bit.He is such a beauty.

Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony. (Fall 2013)



He was an easy trap. Set the traps that night and the old man brought him around midnight. Again uncovered in the back of the truck. He was a ll wet , and I think he had urinated and rolled in it in the trap.

He was so terrified. i was so angry with the man. He would never listen.The man had told me about Yeti, he named him, that he had deformed feet , prob had them broke years ago. When i saw him I realized he was a wonderful Polydactyl. I put him in the Colony Cabin kids playhouse and he again like the others ran to his friends. This always brought a smile to my heart.

A few weeks later I was going to get him a and a couple others fixed. The vet tech and I could not catch him. He was so fast and was beginning to hurt himself by banging into the walls and windows. We decided to leave him be as there were no girls to be had.

At this time the trailers in the park were starting to be torn down. The noise and the mess of people leaving was terrible. I had found dead cats under the trailer and can't imagine how these poor cats lived under there with there dead friends. Makes me ill. The cats were losing there safety by the day. I only had a few more cats to trap, or so I thought. There were more than I thought still. The real hard ones were yet to come.

Yeti is happy and safe. No more fear. Beautiful boy Yeti will forever be safe now with his friends. He is a stunning beautiful boy. So very sweet and gentle. He has been beginning to trust me , but as yet cannot touch him. He will stare at me with very soft sweet eyes and blink. He doesn't run from me . One day I feel he will come around.

To think this cat or any cat is left alone out in the desert would have broken my heart. They all were so dependent on this trailer park for safety and food.

Yehti and Hilde in Colony Park Tunnel, part of the Orange Tunnel gang.

Yehti ... up close Dec 2014

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