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Ziggy * Sadly Passed Away April 20, 2015



April 20, 2015 RIP

With great sorrow and love I let Ziggy go to heaven tonight. They had given him a very mild anesthesia to pull fluid , but he was was not coming out of it normal. He was very weak and could barely move or focus. The vet felt he would not last the night. Tests showed jaundice, going septic, enlarged organs, blood infection, FIP?, etc.. and instead of getting better rapidly getting worse in 2 days at the vet. Still not sure what was wrong. Maybe he was generally weak or still sick from his rough barely survived beginnings before rescue.

Pic from Dec 2014

Pic from Dec 2014

But he is free , my sweet angel . Last night I felt his heart telling me that he had been loved, he had found a bed and good food and friends and safety for a year and a half. He was a gift and I will miss this angel so very much. My heart is breaking . But he was held and kissed to the end. Fly free my sweet trooper .

Update May 20, 2015 ... Final results back for Ziggy. He did indeed have FIP. Had it very bad. At least I know now what happened. She suspects he was around 10 or so , could have been older. He hid it well. They said he was a very sick kitty. He prob had not been feeling well for a long time. They hide things so well from us. They are experts in hiding the illness. So that is what I got. He had the Bartonella virus in him and poss valley fever. But that is not what caused him to become so sick.




When rescued he was very sick. He had severe Stomatitis and was emaciated and in a lot of pain. I had to hand feed him for 4 months and a lot of medication, but nothing worked. So, he had all his teeth removed and was doing wonderful for about year and a half, his fur grew back and had gained 6 lbs in 5 months .He lived inside my home with the other home side rescues, and made some friends.


April 21, 2015 In sweet memory of Ziggy.

What I have realized the last 2 days is the gift this soul gave me. I will try to explain. Its not about me but it is about Ziggy and what he shared in his life and his short life with me.

He had courage in his fears of people. He was brave and proud even in his suffering when I first saved him.He was a starved boy but fought to keep alive under that trailer. Fed hard food was a challenge for a Stomatitis cat.I think even after he recovered he was a weak boy, the damage had been done from being hungry for so very long.

He wanted so much to show me who he was. His eyes would always convey his determination to speak to me. I love them all and do all I can for them, but, can I receive there love? He taught me to look for the subtle signs of them wanting to show love and accept the love they are giving. To stop and pay attention to the little ways they are able to show there love for us. It is not about us , its about them. He left me with this gift, to be joyful in them. To dance and be in there world. To revel in the beauty of nature and creation. To love and allow love in.

The day before he passed , he had his face and cold nose in my neck for a half hour.He had never done that before. I have never felt such sadness and joy at the same time. He showed me his love and I accepted it. He was a very skittish cat and unsure.

Flowers for Ziggy from the Sanctuary desert garden. With sorrow and love. May 15

 But , he was the one who taught me in the end.He actually had won, I had allowed him into my soul. I was not going to be afraid of scaring him but held him . He was the winner in the end. I had overcome my trepidation not to be pushy with a skittish cat, but overlook that and go for the love they are so much wanting to give and show us. Does this make any sense.? So please with your fur babies, let them love you. We love but let them also.

Thank you Ziggy for your gift . Your eyes and spirit while you were here would not let me go. Your life I will cherish forever. My brave warrior. I will see you soon. (Pic from FB Sandra P)


Rescue; The Trailer Park Colony. Fall 2013


Ziggy came to the sanctuary by the old man bringing him one day in a carrier. He was able to pick him up. I had seen Ziggy a few times under the trailer. One time I bent down and saw him starring at me. He was blinking non stop. I thought his eyes were sore due to the non stop blinking, But in retrospect I think he was desperate for help.

(Pic Ziggy and Sunflower in Home Garden Nov 2014)

I put him in the bathroom and made him a bed. He was very scared and hid behind the washing machine. I already had Angel and would let him in . I noticed that they were good friends,and Angel was very loving to Ziggy and was very concerned all day long. He would want to go in and out of bathroom to see him. Ziggy was extremely thin. His hip bones and ribs were sticking out. Had really no fur on him, just this peach fuzz. He would hide and when I brought food put it by the machine. I noticed that every time he tried to eat he would run away from the food after taking a bite or two. At first I thought he may have a eating disorder of some sort. Maybe that he had to fight for his food and was pushed away from it by all the others. He was a very skittish kitty. It took a month in that bathroom for him to come out and trust me. I would sit on the floor and have food ready.I started to puree the food and offer it from my fingers, he tried to eat. He started to eat better this way. He ate from my finger or the pureed food a bit. The feeding like this went on all day. He finally came to trust me and ended up lying on my knees or next to me and fall asleep.

It was time to roam the house and he did very well . Everyone accepted him. I started think maybe he had a dental problem and called for apt's. I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with Stomatitis. I had never heard of this, at the time. . The vet said he needed to have his teeth removed. I thought that maybe I could do something else for him. He was put on Antibiotics and pain meds. He did really well for a while. He started to eat better. I also had taken him to another vet and they also said the same thing. Teeth removal. I tried Pain shots, steroids. It all helped for a short time. I would hand feed him every night . He ate well when he had no pain. I would get a whole can in him every night. He started to put weight on. My goal was to do surgery after about 3 months of going through this. The last time before I made up my mind was when he ate and started to scream and jump up the wall. That really scared me. So he had his teeth removed and did very well. He ate and ate after that.

He became a very confident boy and progressed daily.

After a year and he seemed healthy and become a bed cat and enjoying his life.

He seemed a bit skittish but loved being here.


Ziggy is Sponsored by Chuck and Debra P.

From a life under a trailer . Rescued last Fall 2013. Ziggy was 7lbs. Has severe stomatitis. Semi feral. He bloomed into a beautiful happy cat after All Teeth were removed. No more pain. He was emaciated and had very little fur. Some pictures were taken after 2 weeks , when he finally started to trust me enough to come out from behind the washing machine. He could barely eat. I hand fed him puried food for 4 months until I realized nothing would help him but surgery. It cost $3,000. by a dental specialist.

Ziggy was Sponsored by friends and supporters ... in honor of their good friend .... Mr. Grayson .. see their Facebook page . ... Thank you for the much needed help.

Ziggy a couple months after his rescue. He was looking better already .This was a yr ago Sept 13. Had to purée his food . Had some weird looking fur when I rescued him. As could not eat, was in great pain and cried when trying to eat and very scared. It was so painful to watch ! Finally had his teeth removed re. Stomatitis and is so healthy now. Alot of personal attention needed. Without rescue and care, and the operation, and

Wanted to show you a picture of Ziggy with severe stomatitis. This was a month or so after trapping him. he was looking a lot better as I was giving him soft food and hand feeding.

Cats will eventually give up eating and die if not helped

Ziggy early in rescue and starting to feel better, out of the bathroom.

Ziggy before his health came back, early in rescue. Much better now!!! A miracle, he seemed in such bad shape.

Ziggy on the prowling in the House Park zone. Safe and healthy. With Thanks to his Sponsors.

Ziggy .. relaxing.​

Ziggy with Benny saying ... Hey There.

Dec 2014

Ziggy ... Peek a boo, want to play?

Ziggy hates the camera. But look at those amazed eyes . dec14.

Ziggy shiny fur and bright eyes now, quite the recovery. Jan15

Ziggy and Snowy, watching for action in the house. Dec14

Ziggy Contemplating.

Jan 2015 in Home Garden Playland looking out at the Birds and the going on with his pals.

Ziggy Dream by Carol W.

All God's creatures, from a Facebook post

Good morning from Mr Ziggy .Ziggy making his morning rounds before going back to bed. Wish he would stay up and lounge in the sun.Ready to run from the camera. Love to see him out during the day.At night he is in bed with me for a while or just hangs out with everyone, no hiding . behind the cabinet. Dec14.

This is Ziggy Dec 2014 . He had Full mouth extraction of all his teeth. He is a changed kitty. Just beautiful. Healthy happy and safe.

Ziggy Yeah OK you can scratch my chin. Jan15

Ziggy and his pal Angel who helped him through the months of recovery. He was always by Ziggy's side.

When Ziggy was so sick for months Angel loved him and helped him. Would lay down by his side and watch as I fed Ziggy.

Ziggy from Rainbow Bridge Facebook Page. So Kind. April 2015

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